What should you know about me? Let's see...well, I'm probably best described as a nerd, I am a decent paddle boarder, but a terrible surfer (although I keep trying). I LOVE good food paired with a glass of organic red wine, or pumpkin ale. My two favorite places in the whole world are Paris and Bali--but I'll be more than happy to rretire to any perpetually sunny beach in the world.

I spent seven years at the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics in Vancouver, WA where I majored in vocal music, french, and most importantly, photography. Later, I spent two years running my own wedding and portrait photography business in Seattle, WA and working for on of the most in-demand photo studios in Seattle--Yuen Lui Studios. In 2014, I moved to Texas, and went back to school. I now have a Masters in Business Administration and a LOT of spare time on my hands, so I decided it was time to reopen my photography business.

The most important thing to know about me is that I love what I do.

I LOVE to create beautiful images that make people see themselves in a new light because I am JUST like all of you! I feel the pressure to be pretty, thin, fashionable, smart, successful, and still easy-going, fun and flirty every day. And more often than not, I don't feel like that woman AT ALL. I also know how incredibly POWERFUL it is when someone not only tells you that you're beautiful, but SHOWS you! I know how powerful you FEEL when you actually believe it yourself. So that's my mission; to help you feel like the unique, powerful, EXPLOSIVE supernova that you ARE!